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    Introduction Serenity Health Security Conditions

Montana Verde Village residents profit by a unique formula « all inclusive, at will ».

Meals at the restaurants or delivered at home, beverages with or without alcohol, cultural or sport activities, there is neither surprise nor extra charges. Life is organized as in a holiday club, with more Serenity, Security and Health.

Residents take advantage of all the Village infrastructures, and only, some activities give rise to a financial participation, such as shopping in the mall, casino, or some special care at the gymnastic or thalassotherapy center.

Medical health care dispensed in our clinic is covered by Social Security and mutual insurance companies and do not cause any additional.

The cost of living in Dominican Republic allows us to offer these five star services at prices impracticable in Europe.

Each resident pay for the pension costs (1.300 € monthly), more the renting of the villa (444 € monthly plus 244 € for charges), which represents 1.988€ monthly pour one person, or 1.644 € monthly per person for a couple.

The tenant residents may stay from three months to several years in the Village.

The residents (owners or staying for a long time) only pay for the pension costs when they are present, which allows them to plan regular trips to France or to other destinations.

Although the Village opening is foreseen for July 2008, Such an offer arouses an extraordinary fancy.

Because of the difficulty to find out room in pension establishments, as well as the high prices carried out when one is looking for a minimum of comfort, and on account that even a month of holiday is more expensive than a stay in the Montana Verde Village, the demand is important.

To deal with all these demands, we have set up a waiting list, managed by the Cercle Médéric; each candidate is attributed a serial number. The vacancies will be offered according to this serial number, and the reservations will have to be definitively confirmed three months before the admission date in the Village.

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