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How do I know that my inversion is not risky?
Your inversion is guaranteed by the value of the land. All the transactions are done by a notary and the contracts in Spanish are translated in your language, the translations are certified true. The office of Mr. Thouault, notary in Paris 8ème, will transmit your procuration to the office of Mr. Perdomo in Sosua, in Dominican Republic, for the signature of the acts. You can also call your own notary to control with you all the formalities. Moreover you release your cash by portions according to the work progress which is controlled by independent experts.

Is Dominican Republic a safe place to invest?
Yes. The political stability guaranteed by the alternation has proved itself, the laws in force and the international agreements are here to protect you. To make sure of it, you just have to look at the impressive number of foreign inversion in Dominican Republic, in different sectors like hotel trade, tourism, transports, energy, trading. It is today the first tourist destination in the Caribbean

Am I sure to receive my rent?
Yes. At the delivery of your property, we sign with you a 15 year rental lease. We handle the payment of the charges and we pay the rental net from any charges directly to you. Our capacity to centralize on a large scale the demands of pensioners, guarantee the financial revenues, you are expecting There is already a waiting list which is managed by the Cercle Médéric, and it guarantees the integrity of the reservations. With the growing needs of retirement solutions, there is no risk to become the owner of an empty apartment with charges to pay.

How can you pay the rental whether the property is occupied or not?
The « long duration » residents pay us a rental slightly higher than the one you receive, this covers our management expenses. Besides the residents staying only three months pay more than those staying six months and so on…This allows us to constitute savings which make up for vacancies periods. More over our centralized waiting list make possible to optimize the resident changes, which reduce to a minimum the lack of tenants.

Why is this more interesting than a tax free real estate program?
These programs exist in difficult areas, where the local economy is expansive for the state. The important cost differences concerning the retirement solutions in France and in Dominican Republic allow us to let our residents enjoy an attractive price, while giving off a very good profitableness. You don’t have to pay any land-tax entailing your profitableness. You don’t fear a tax modification decided by a new government questioning the tax advantages which you thought were gained.

Where can I insure my property?
You may contact your own insurance agent, but we can let you benefit of our agreements with insurance groups who will offer you the best guarantees with the best prices.

Will it be easy to sell my property?
Yes. Most of the residents registered on our waiting list have told us about their desire to buy in the future. They wish to be tenants in a first place to see if the country and the life in our village suit them, before committing themselves in a definitive acquisition. In the months following their arrival, you can expect receive buying offers.

Will my property lose part of its value?
No, on the contrary. Buying a property which is not yet finished, you buy it cheaper than its price on the market. You are already sure to get a good increase in value. Moreover as the village profit by technical services gathering all the trade associations which part is to make sure about the comfort of our residents, you have the security that your property will always be kept in a perfect state, and that consequently it won’t quasi lose any value due to decrepitude even in many years.

Can the charges raise a lot?
No. Their increase reaches a maximum according to the cost of living index. Moreover, in your rental lease, it is specified that the charges are due by the tenant that is to say us.

Is there anything to pay for the village services?
No. The services supplied in the village are paid by the residents. It’s just an increase in value giving you advantages which don’t exist at the time of the buying of an ordinary house.

Will I be able to enjoy my property from time to time?
You always are welcome in the village, with a priority on our waiting list, but it will be according to the availabilities, and you may have to stay in a villa which is not yours.

In a few years, will I be able to get my property back to enjoy it personally?
Yes. Many investors think about their future buying a villa in our village. If your property is occupied we will organize the transfer of the residents to another villa You will be then welcome home.

What will happen in case of succession?
As owner of the property it will be part of your succession. It will be your heirs turn to enjoy it fully. Our advisers will tell you about the formalities adapted to your situation to minimize the tax costs.

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